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December 2007  Workshop - Certification
This is about my third workshop session with Greg, and he is an awesome presenter I am always able to learn something new to take back to my class. I learned so many things in the Kickboxing Explosion session and tubing session and I am able to go back to my class and teach my students. Also, Greg always provides us with the best music. When I played the Cd's in class the students were so excited to hear the great music while taking my step class. Greg, keep up the good work.  Lisa Marie Prysock - IFTA Fitness Workshop - Metro Detroit Westin Hotel
July 2007  Presenter(s) - Greg Sims
Wow! What a great weekend! I used the choreography that Greg taught us in the step and strength workshops for my class today and they had a BLAST!! I loved that Greg taught you how to break it down for your beginner students, b/c I am a new instructor and that seems to be the hardest part for me! It was so easy that even my P.T. Army guys picked up on it, and they have a hard time with the BASIC!! Loved it, cant stop talking about it! I will be back whenever IFTA is in town! Keep it up!   Casey Snyder - El Paso, TX
July 2007  Presenter(s) - Brian Guzman
I recently had an amazing weekend with IFTA! Brian was enthusiastic and fun while he presented the cycle and personal training certs! If learning everything in the certs was not exciting enough, Brian made the weekend fun, relaxed, and as stress free as he could for all of us who were a little nervous over the exams! This was my first IFTA event and I will be coming back for years to come as long as the quality of presenters, and education stays the same or gets better! Thanks Brian!  Casey Snyder - El Paso TX
July 2007  Presenter(s) - Jeff Borden
I've been to tons of workshops/certifications over my 20+ years in fitness. Jeff has always been one of the best trainers out there! Keep up the great work!  Mandy - ND
April 2007  Certification - Certification Workshops at Gold's Gym
Mr. Borden gave a clear, concise and thorough review of all of the studies, his practical was energetic and fun and he was a very personable and pleasant presenter. I was at ease and appreciated his excellent review. He made it comfortable and easy to take the certification exam. I went into the workshop/certification not knowing what to expect but his gracious and outgoing personality put me at ease. Thank you!  Attendee - Wilmington, NC
April 2007  Presenter(s) - Jeff Borden-Sr. Surge DVD
Just want to send a message of good cheer to Jeff Borden. I am a 64 yr old "middle ager" who just purchased Senior Surge from Collage Video. Senior Surge is the best and fastest 57 minute workout I have ever done. Jeff takes you through the paces with cheerful urging and motivating comments that keep it all moving. He makes a real contribution to the body of works in this area. I highly recommend it for all active seniors. It's a nice cross trainer with my tai chi and qi gong practice. Thanks, Jeff, for a great workout...  Anthony V. - NY
March 2007  Presenter(s) - Marideth Stiller
Marideth is a wonderful presenter. All the workshops were fantastic! IFTA is the greatest organization to deal with. We love them at our gym. Thanks so much!  Lisa McCormick - Hinesville, GA
February 2007  Certification - Jeff Borden
He was Awesome! Very knowledgeable and made class interesting & entertaining! Good at making learning easy & fun! Excellent instructor. LOVED HIM!  M. Porter - Wilmington, NC
January 2007  Presenter(s) -
Greg Sims is awesome! He is very detailed and accurate in cueing, form, he "speaks" to everyone in his classes and makes everyone feel so special.   Kamisha Colvin - Mobile, Alabama

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