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August 2016  Presenter(s) - Darise Barron (Dee)
Amazing professional with a deep understanding of the subject matter. Love, love, loved this class. Dee was great at explaining workouts and simple choreography counts. I am now more confident in how a routine should go.  R. Leavitt / T. Newton - Raleigh
December 2015  * - 1
-1' - 1
May 2010  Certification - Tony Stiller
What Jax. people had to say about Tony Stiller's Indoor Biking: Great class. Great presentation of course, great personality, and very informative.Excellent presentation - worth the bucks!Super instructor, extremely knowledgeable, and a whole lot of fun. I would like to take all of Tony's workshops and learn MORE!  Jax folks - Jacksonville, NC
May 2010  Certification - Patricia Ochoa
Ms. Ochoa did an incredible job of preparing us for both Group and Personal Training certifications. She was thorough and easily held our interest. Thank you!! I would highly recommend that if you can, take class with Ms. Ochoa  M. Sawyer - Chattanooga, TN
April 2010  Presenter(s) - Brandi Martin
Brandi did an excellent job in all the classes she presented for us. Her knowledge of course materials was great, she kept our attention, and she was a whole lot of fun. Thank you Brandi and IFTA = another home run.  S. Lasseter - Alabama
October 2009  Presenter(s) - Carrie Smith
I Went to Carrie Smiths master classes in palm coast Fla. last weekend she was an incredible presenter and a super cool person as well! I have been teaching Aquatic Fitness and land classes for over 23 years and she gave one of the best workshops I have ever attended so good that I came back the next day after staying up until 3 AM at an event for my daughters professional dance company Surfscape Contemporary Dance from Daytona. As I was driving the 106 miles from my house in Cocoa Beach I thought these workshops are worth the drive and WELL worth the money! Thank You Carrie for a FUN & Informative weekend:) Jody Johnson  Jody Johnson - Palm Coast FL
July 2009  Presenter(s) - Gay Gasper
I just attended the group fitness instructor class. I wanted to say that Gay Gasper is a wonderful teacher. She is very knowledgable and makes the class very enjoyable and relaxed. One could tell she really cares about fitness and her students. Thanks for a great event!!  Crystal Johnson - Raleigh, NC
July 2009  Fitness Weekend - Carrie Smith
I wanted to thank IFTA for allowing us to have such a quality presenter. I can not say enough about Carrie Smith, she was very professional as well as being very knowledgable. I was very inpressed and and to thank IFTA for allowing her to come when our numbers were a little low. The ones that were able to attend were very pleased with her and learned a great deal. Thank you IFTA. Positive Thoughts, John Wilfert CEO (Odessa Family YMCA).  John Wilfert CEO (Odessa Family YMCA) - Odessa, Texas
July 2009  Presenter(s) - Jeff Borden
Jeff was amazing, WOW! He covered all material and held the interest of both classes. He was enjoyable and answered all questions. I wish he was my graduate school professor.  T. Haughness - PT & GF Certs. NM
April 2009  Presenter(s) - Jodi Heimrich
Jodi was extremely personable and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone to certify through IFTA.  A. Fitzgerald - NC
March 2009  Presenter(s) - Carrie Smith
I have taken quite a few of Carrie''s training cert. classes and it''s always a pleasure for me. Carrie is one of the BEST instructors out there, no doubt about it! She is extremely knowledgeable, very articulate, energetic, and I noticed that all the folks that were there were very impressed with her. She makes everyone feels very comfortable and she''s definitely a wealth of information. I am looking forward to taking more classes taught by Carrie! Thanks so much! Carmen  Carmen Alexe - Rincon, GA
March 2009  Presenter(s) - Jeff Borden
WOW! I had debated about going home on Sunday morning, but the 2 main classes I really wanted to attend the whole weekend were your last 2 classes for seniors. I can''t express enough how VERY glad I was I stayed! I''d sat in on some of your classes in past years & knew these 2 would be great, too. AND THEY WERE! You have such an abundance of energy & compassion for what you do. Thank you again SO MUCH for being at Co. Spgs. this past weekend. It made my whole trip.  L. Augustine - Colorado Springs-AAAI/ISMA
March 2009  Certification - AAAI aqua
Always great and informative.  Bonnie - Co Springs, CO
February 2009  Workshop - Carrie Smith
EXTREMELY UPBEAT,KNOWLEDGEABLE,ENTHUSIASTIC, CARING & JUST GOOD OLE FUN..I learned SO much & truly enjoyed ur high energy, bubbly, hilarious personality! I hope my classes turn out half as good as urs, then I will have a blast teaching-& some of the phrses u used still have laughing w/ a smile on my face :) Tks, Carrie.. One of the Best workshops I have been to. If ever in Savannah I would Love 2 come 2 ur classes. Come back soon,we would love to learn more from u !!  Rickie Ros - Sportsplex-Carrollton GA.
February 2009  Certification - Personal Trainer
I just want to thnk Greg Sims for the great class and Personal Training Workshop that he held at Lucille Roberts in Manhattan last week.   Ricardo Villa - Lucille Roberts Manhattan NYC
January 2009  Workshop - Brandi
Awesome Workshop! Brandi had a wonderfully planned and executed class. Latin Dance was never so fun. I've incorporated it into my routines. Thanks  Tracie - YMCA - Savannah GA
December 2008  Certification - Greg Sims
The workshop and the certifications were super! all the information was valuable and the presenters were really nice I loved it!  maria Ryan - Michigan
October 2008  Presenter(s) - Darise Jeffcoat
I enjoyed "Putting It All Together." Even though I have been teaching for several years, I always thought I needed the "basics." Now I feel so much more comfortable with the counting thing and designing a class. This was an excellent use of time that I would recommend to any new teachers! Thank you!  Carol Easu - Raleigh Fitness Weekend 2008
September 2008  Workshop - Greg Sims
Workshop included Muscle Plus and Body Bar Box - both kicked my butt. Greg was tireless and motivational. Can't wait for more!!!  christine rossano - lucille roberts valley stream ny
August 2008  Fitness Weekend -
Brian did an amazing job getting everyone involved and motivated. He is knowlegable and personal. I felt very comfortable with him. I attended his personal training, his advanced training and business portion of the class. Excellent. Great tips on how to present yourself and your business. I hope he continues to instruct.  Brian Guzman - ep fitness el paso
August 2008  Certification - Aqua, Aug. 3 2008
My expectations were high before attending the aqua cert., as a friend of mine had told me how awesome her experience was in obtaining her step cert. with IFTA the previous year, but I must say that Elizabeth exceeded all expectations that I had. She was super knowledgeable about overall fitness, aqua fitness, and was supportive of all of our questions. I look forward to applying what I learned yesterday in the class and in the pool.  Miley Grandjean - Event-El Paso, TX Reviewer-Las Cruces, NM
July 2008  Certification - Jeff Borden
The Powercut Certification with Jeff was extremely helpful in planning and organizing a class with barbells. He was very knowledgable and presented the information in a way that made sense, not overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this certification over another company's because I feel IFTA does care about the safety of the students. I was also able to participate in Cardio Stack-Core Attack and Power Mat-Flex. Again, I gained new ideas for my classes and had fun in the meantime. Jeff truly is wonderful - sharing his expertise and experience in an upbeat and enthusiastic way. Thanks Jeff for a terrific presentation!  Kathy M. - Fitness For Her, Winston-salem, NC
April 2008  General - Cardio Stack Core Attack by Greg Sims
This workout is awesome, and I must say that the high reps of plyos is exactly what I love, and needed in many workouts! Anything to get your heart rate UP and to keep it up is the kind of workout for me. I just wanted to tell you that this workout is definately a keeper, and WOW does it kick your core into high gear!! Good Job on this one! Keep more coming!  Mandee - CA
April 2008  Presenter(s) - Jeff Borden
Jeff presented information clearly and with detail. So that the students had an ability to grasp the knowledge and know how to apply it. I was very happy with the presentation. It was an enjoyable class to say the least. Jeff kept us laughing, allowing us to keep the pressure off while giving us the information at hand to attain. I would definitely recommend his lecture to others that want to get certified or just brush up.  V. DONALDSON - NY
April 2008  Presenter(s) - Jeff Borden
Jeff not only was extremely informative & organized with the workshop information and materials, but he executed them with extreme enthusiasm that kept us focused and motivated.  A. Abbene - NY
April 2008  Presenter(s) - Darise Jeffcoat
I just wanted to send IFTA a little note. I attended the Group Fitness Class on Sunday and I wanted to let you know that Dee was great! I was very nervious about sitting for an exam on material that is new to me. She reviewed everything, and made the class very enjoyable. She is a great teacher in the classroom as she is in the gym!  M. Alarcon - NC
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