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Mat-Flex / Pilates Videos

Videos in DVD format only.

A Powerful 30 minute video that combines cardio with pilates interval style. There are modification shown so that you can decide how hard you wish to work out. Enjoy this fat burning and toning full body workout! Optional equipment: mat, medicine ball, kettlebel, pilates circle, small light weight soft ball, towel. Released Fall 2012.
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This 58 minute video is designed for the senior participant, beginner, pre-post natal, or really anyone looking for an intense yet gentle full body workout. Donít let the title fool you....it is a great fat burning and toning video. Optional equipment: mat, towel, small-medium/soft ball. Released Fall 2012.
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Join Jolene Puffer, Gay Gasper, and Whitney Jameson for a Pilates workout using the mini ball. Released 2009
$19.99     Qty

Nice soothing stretch for a relaxing flexibility moment featuring Carrie Smith. Released 2008.
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Use the more advanced movements found in this video to effectively intertwine both flexibility and strength.  Discover ways to add diversity, challenge and intensity to your mat-classes while helping your students achieve the ultimate flexibly, strong body.  Length: 55 minutes.  Released 2002
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This DVD takes you through the classic Pilates Mat exercises and is appropriate for a wide range of Pilates students. Included are variations for more proficient Pilates aficionados and modifications that make the Pilates Method accessible to any exerciser. Also included is a detailed introduction, which can be viewed separately for more intense technique training, with specifics for proper breathing and alignment, as well as benefits and contraindications of the program. Released 2007.
$19.99     Qty
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