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Textbook – “Fitness Professional’s Handbook”

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“Fitness Professional’s Handbook” provides current and future fitness professionals with the knowledge to screen participants, conduct standardized fitness tests, evaluate the major components of fitness, and prescribe appropriate exercise. The fully updated text uses the latest standards, guidelines, and research from authorities in the field to prepare readers for certification and arm them with the knowledge to work with a variety of clients and populations.

This full-color text incorporates information from the 10th edition of ACSM’s “Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription” and the “Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans” exercise and physical activity recommendations for adults, older adults, children, and those with special needs. The text embraces the importance of communication between allied health and medical professionals with those in the fitness arena to provide readers with a foundation for prescribing exercise and delivering need- and goal-specific physical activity and fitness programs.

“Fitness Professional’s Handbook” contains a variety of learning tools to help students identify and retain key information. Objectives, key points, glossary terms, and chapter review questions guide students to important concepts, while research insight boxes and procedures for common fitness tests draw attention to commonly sought information. Case study questions and answers help readers apply the concepts to real-world scenarios. References are numbered and organized by chapter at the end of the book to provide direction for more in-depth research.

With a comprehensive and practical approach, this text enables readers to help individuals, communities, and groups gain the benefits of regular physical activity in a positive and safe environment. It provides background to the field, scientific fundamentals, and up-to-date recommendations to help readers better understand the role of physical activity in the quality of life and guidelines for screening, testing, supervising, and modifying activity for various populations.

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