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Textbook – “Personal Fitness Training: Beyond the Basics”

Order this textbook and choose between a hard copy shipped to you or a digital download within 1 business day.

This book is an incredible guide to Personal Training written by our knowledgeable good friend, and industry leader Joe Cannon.

The IFTA office will ship to your home within two business days (plus shipping time) or email you a digital copy of the book after your purchase.



Most personal training textbooks are: TOO expensive, TOO long, TOO complicated, and they cover stuff that you will NEVER need to know in the real world.

Joe Cannon, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT has been a self-employed personal trainer for over a decade and teaches personal training too. He teaches the science so you can understand it.

Personal Fitness Training Beyond The Basics, 2nd edition, is a personal training textbook that communicates not only the exercise science that you need to know – but ALSO how to apply that science to training clients. This book contains the essential information that Joe himself has needed to know when he works with clients. The idea is that if Joe needed to know this information, YOU DO TOO.

This book focuses on what you need to know – and leaves out what you don’t need to know. That way you learn EXACTLY what you need to be the best personal trainer possible.

This book also covers important information most others leave out including: How to get clients; How to get a job; How to get a raise; How to properly perform 50 different exercises; What to do in an emergency and more!

Chapters in this book include: What to do when you get a new client; How to get a raise; Muscle Physiology; Cardiovascular Physiology; Anatomy Physiology; How to Design Exercise Programs that are safe; Questions and Answers chapter (including questions you WILL be asked by clients); How to work with special populations – clients with arthritis, diabetes etc.

Personal Fitness Training Beyond the Basics was also the first book in America to cover rhabdomyolysis – a serious medical disorder that can be caused by too much exercise.

All personal trainers should be aware of this condition. If you are a personal trainer or want to be a trainer, you need this book.

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